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Key Non-Performance Issues In PC System Design

When designing a system, performance is certainly a very important factor, which is why it gets so much attention, and why I have devoted an entire section to performance issues. However, it is far from the only issue that you need to consider when designing a system to meet your needs. There are many other non-performance matters that a good system design must take into account. While less flashy, these are nonetheless important and deserve your attention and care.

In this section I provide some detailed information on PC design issues not related to performance. This includes a look at matters of quality, how to design based on subsystems, and other important system attributes such as standardization, expandability, upgradeability, reliability, ergonomics, and usability.

Note: In this section I am discussing non-performance issues that are related specifically to the design of the overall PC. Similar issues related to the selection of individual components, are discussed in detail in the section on component specification.

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