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Delivery Methods and Issues

When you order a PC online or from a mail order vendor, you will of course need to have the machine delivered to you. Like everything else, there are better and worse ways to have this done. It can be very disappointing to spend many hours wisely designing the right system, choosing a great vendor, getting a good price, and then having the whole experience ruined because of delivery problems.

In this section I discuss the different delivery methods and carriers commonly used by PC makers and vendors to deliver product. I also cover issues related to the delivery of PCs and components, including order tracking, security, and yes, even weather issues. Bet you didn't think you had to worry about the weather too, did you? :^)

Note: I don't discuss shipping costs here; look in this section for general information, and here if you have been overcharged for delivery.

Note: Obviously, the information here doesn't really apply to items purchased retail...

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