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Dealing With Difficult Vendors and Order Problems

Most problems with vendors, such as the common ones I have described, are resolved quickly and easily when you are dealing with a courteous and professional vendor. After all, most companies don't want unhappy customers! However, there are some firms that decide they can make more money by taking advantage of people than satisfying them. And even with good firms, sometimes you'll run into a person who doesn't want to be cooperative.

It is the unfortunate truth that most consumers do not deal well with vendor problems. Many people feel overwhelmed when facing a large company, especially, and many prefer to avoid confrontation rather than stick up for themselves. Some people get frustrated and lose their temper, compounding the trouble. And few have a lot of experience in negotiations or conflict resolution.

In this section I provide some tips, both general and specific, to help you deal effectively with problems that arise with difficult vendors or order problems that can't be resolved easily. The common theme of most of these suggestions is communication. In many cases, by communicating effectively you can resolve problems even when faced with great difficulty.

The suggestions in this area are intended to help you in dealing with a vendor directly in the event of problems. If communication doesn't allow you to correct the problem then you might be dealing with an abusive vendor. In this case, you'll have to resort to action beyond the company and its employees.

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