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The PC Industry, Vendors and The Market

One of the reasons that many people have bad experiences dealing with vendors and find the PC buying experience horrible is that they don't comprehend the machinations of the PC industry, surely one of the more "interesting" markets in the world. :^) Many problems with vendors are caused legitimately by the vendors being careless or unscrupulous. But in many cases you can avoid problems by understanding better what the industry is like, and what the vendors are thinking and trying to do (aside from getting your hard-earned money!) What I am saying is that the vendor isn't always the "bad guy", and in any transaction it is only advantageous to have an awareness of the other party's position.

In this section I explain a bit about how the PC market works. This includes some general comments on the PC industry as a whole, a look at vendors and how they deal with inventory and costs, reasons for considering a long-term relationship with a vendor, and also a reason to consider buying from as small a number of vendors as possible.

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