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System Case

The system case does not require very much care; after all, it is primarily a physical structure that is used to hold the "real" components of the system. I do recommend the following basic procedures however:

  • Cleaning: The system case should be cleaned, both inside and out, on a regular basis. I usually recommend that this be done about annually, to prevent excessive buildup of dust that can negatively affect cooling. The best way to do clean the outside of the case is just to wipe it with a damp cloth (don't spray liquids right on the case). The inside can be cleaned either by blasting with compressed air or using a small vacuum with a PC cleaning attachment.
  • Check Positioning: Make sure the case hasn't over time been pushed into a place where it shouldn't be. For example, some desktop machines tend in time to be pushed back to the very back of the desk where they might cause the power supply fan to be blocked by a wall.

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