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File System Optimization and Freeing Disk Space

The file system of your PC refers to the directories and files, and the structures that they use, on your hard disk. The file system is operating-system specific, even though many of the features are the same (if not identical) across various versions of DOS and Windows; file system concepts are covered in this Reference Guide section. The exact way that the file system is structured and organized can be manipulated in many ways. For this reason, there are many optimization opportunities surrounding the file system. This section discusses these. Hardware-specific optimizations related to the hard disk are discussed here.

One of the never-ending combats with modern PCs is the battle against the full disk. Most people find that they are always running out of room on their disks, even when they start out with a disk that seems "too large to fill". This section includes some ideas for solving this problem by freeing up disk space.

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