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Hard Disk Performance Optimization

There are several relatively simple techniques that you can use to improve hard disk performance significantly. Hard disk performance as a whole is a complicated subject, more complicated than many hardware resources convey, which is why I have this whole section of the Reference Guide devoted to it. I'd recommend that you read this if you are serious about disk performance, if you haven't already.

Hard disk performance optimizations fall into two basic types: BIOS setting optimizations, and disk organization and use optimizations. These are both discussed here. In addition, there is another section devoted to file system enhancements, which is of course a related topic.

Warning: This area contains several BIOS tweaks that could result in incorrect system operation or data loss if care is not used. Be prepared to undo any changes if problems result. Make sure that your data is backed up before you make any changes to hard disk settings.

Warning: In many cases the performance BIOS settings are automatically set by the BIOS if the hard disk can support them, when you perform an autodetect of the hard disks. Sometimes, however, the optimal settings are not correctly set, which is why this section exists. However, be careful if you see the BIOS disabling a feature when the disk is autodetected, because this may be telling you something. If you have two hard disks and when you autodetect, one of them has block mode enabled and the other does not, there's a decent chance that the latter one doesn't support that feature.

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