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System Optimizations and Enhancements

In this chapter, I have gathered together several dozen specific tips and techniques that you can use to optimize your system's performance, or to enhance how it works or how you use it. I have tried specifically to choose things that were reasonably universal, meaning that they would apply to many different people and PCs out there. The general leaning of the section is towards modern PCs, meaning ones built within the last few years. However, most PC users should find items of interest here.

I have cataloged the tips into different categories, based on the type of enhancement or optimization they are. This lets you focus on the type of improvement that is of most importance to you, instead of finding ideas for freeing disk space mixed with ideas for optimizing the disk swap file merely because they both involve the hard disk. Categorizing the tips this way also makes more sense than trying to do them strictly on the basis of what part of the PC they affect, because many performance-enhancing measures involve more than one piece of hardware and software.

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