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System Resource (IRQ, DMA, I/O, COM) Conservation and Optimization

This section describes several ways that you can conserve or free up your valuable and limited system resources. Note that there are two commonly-used definitions of the term "system resources". Here, I am talking about interrupt request lines (IRQs), direct memory access channels (DMAs), I/O addresses and COM ports. The other use of the term refers to the special system memory areas within the Windows operating system; optimizations for these are discussed here.

Freeing up system resources can be extremely important if you are having problems adding new hardware into your PC. Problems with peripherals can usually be traced to incorrect configuration, which in turn usually means a resource conflict. These can sometimes be hard to resolve in part because of a perceived lack of free IRQs and other resources. These tips may help you to free up a resource that is being inefficiently utilized.

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