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Windows 95 Version Identification Procedure

You can use this procedure to identify which version of Windows 95 you are running on your system. This is normally information you will need when troubleshooting, selecting software or drivers, etc. I have provided two different ways to do this, one of which you can use as Windows 95 is booting, and the other while it is running.

Procedure Overview:

  • Difficulty Level: 1 (Very low).
  • Risk Factor: 1 (Very low).
  • Hardware Required: None.
  • Software Required: None.
  • Time to Perform: Less than five minutes.
  • Preparation / Warnings: None.

Control Panel Method (Run-Time) - Procedure Steps:

  1. Open the Control Panel: From the Start Menu, select "Settings" and then "Control Panel".
  2. Open System Properties: Double-click on the "System" icon in the Control Panel.
  3. Look At the Version Number: In the upper right-hand part of the dialog box, you will see "System: Microsoft Windows 95". Directly below that will be the version number. If it says "4.00.950" then you have the original Windows 95. If it says "4.00.950a" then you have Windows 95a, with the first service pack applied. If it says "4.00.950 B" then you have Windows 95b, also known as "OEM SR2" or "OSR2".
  4. Exit System Properties: Select "Cancel" to exit the system properties screen.

Boot Screen Graphics Method (Boot-Time) - Procedure Steps:

  1. Watch the Screen During the Bootup of Windows 95: You will want to be looking at the bottom of the Windows 95 "cloud" graphics screen that appears while Windows 95 is booting. You will see a bar at the bottom with different shades of blue that appear to be moving across the screen. If the bar is comprised of "blocks" of color about a half-inch wide moving from left to right, this is the original Windows 95. If you see "blocks" moving right to left, you have Windows 95a. If you see smooth, gradual shades of blue moving left to right, this is Windows 95b, a.k.a. "OEM SR2" or "OSR2".

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