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Cache Module Physical Installation Procedure

This procedure describes how to physically install a cache module (also often called a "COASt" module) into a motherboard that has a cache slot. Many newer motherboards do not have these slots any more, since the manufacturers now often find it more economical to just put the cache right on the motherboard instead of bothering with a slot. These slots however are often found in late model 486 class boards and some Pentium class models.

Procedure Overview:

  • Difficulty Level: 1 (Very low).
  • Risk Factor: 2 (Low). There's little chance of damage as long as excessive force is not used when inserting the module.
  • Hardware Required: None.
  • Software Required: None.
  • Time to Perform: Less than 5 minutes
  • Preparation / Warnings:
    • If you have not already done so, please read the section on general installation and assembly tips.
    • Make sure that you use the correct type of COASt module. They are not universal. Consult your system or motherboard manufacturer or vendor if you are not sure of the type of module needed for your PC.
    • Make sure that the motherboard is on a flat, clean, sturdy, static-free surface. Be careful not to flex the motherboard when inserting the module.

Procedure Steps:

  1. Orient Module: Cache modules are generally keyed so that they cannot be inserted incorrectly into their socket. This is done by splitting their card edge connector in half so that there are a different number of pins in one "half" than the other. Orient the module by examining it and lining it up next to the socket so the pins line up correctly.
  2. Insert Module Into Slot: Put the module into the slot at a 90 degree angle to the motherboard. Then press down firmly but gently to insert it into the slot. This may require a bit of pressure, but do not force the module. You may find rocking the module by putting pressure on one end first and then the opposite end, and back again, may help the module go into the slot more easily.
  3. Double-Check Installation: When inserted correctly, the module should stick straight up from the motherboard and its connector should be most of the way into the slot.

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