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SCSI Configuration

I've already devoted entire sections of this SCSI discussion to several important issues related to configuring and setting up SCSI systems. These include discussions of the various SCSI transfer modes, SCSI host adapters, and important cable and connector issues. You'll want to be sure you understand those key aspects of the technology before you try to equip a system with SCSI hardware.

However, there are several more considerations that must be taken into account when setting up a SCSI bus. In this section I will cover important issues that any person setting up or managing a SCSI PC will need to understand. I begin with a discussion of SCSI bus topology, which covers legal and illegal ways of connecting devices. I then talk about the number of devices allowed on a SCSI chain and how to set device IDs to prevent conflicts. I then cover several miscellaneous configuration issues, including software control, BIOS issues, and physical installation considerations. Finally, I talk about how to mix wide and narrow devices, and also how to use SCSI drives along with IDE/ATA drives in the same system.

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