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Systems and Components Reference Guide

This Guide, which I also call just the Reference Guide for short, contains comprehensive descriptions of the major parts of a modern personal computer, structured based on the various PC systems and components. I have attempted to be as complete as possible without getting too far into the technical details. The intention is to provide you, the reader, with a complete understanding of how the PC works and what the issues are in designing and building one, while still being understandable by someone who isn't a PC expert.

In general, my focus in writing all of the material on this site, is to look at the PC from the perspective of the home and business PC user, as well as the "do-it-yourselfer", someone who wants to build or upgrade his or her own machine. I wanted to explain how the PC works from the inside out, so that you will be able to know not just what the various parts of the system do, but why and how they do it.

I do not currently cover all of the components in a typical PC, although I do cover the most important ones. Coverage for more peripherals will be upcoming in the future.

Tip: Do you have a question about how PCs work that isn't covered in the Reference Guide? Want to discuss an interesting facet of the technology? Try The PC Guide Discussion Forums.

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