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Other Regular Keyboard Components

The keycaps and keyswitches are the most important components of the keyboard. However, they obviously do not make a whole keyboard by themselves! A number of support devices and subcomponents work together to make the entire keyboard function properly.

In this section I describe the other major components that comprise a typical PC keyboard. First, I talk about the internal circuitry of the keyboard. I then discuss the keyboard cable and the all-important keyboard connector, which attaches the keyboard to the rest of the system. I also discuss the keyboard's case, and the feet and angle adjusters that are found on the bottom of the case. Finally, I discuss the LED indicators found on a standard keyboard.

Note: In this section I cover only the regular components of typical keyboards. I do not get into special features and accessories such as integrated pointing devices, audio controls, "Internet buttons" and such. See this section for details on these extra features found in some keyboards.

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