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Sixth Generation (Pentium Pro / Pentium II Class) Chipsets

If Intel dominated the Pentium chipset world, it does so even more for Pentium Pro / Pentium II chipsets. Intel built upon its success in the Pentium market, and given its superior knowledge of the Pentium Pro, was able to deliver the chip and the chipset at the same time. The Pentium Pro has been geared from the start to be a chip to be focused (in part) on servers and multiprocessing, and Intel has patented the type of multiprocessing (SMP) that the Pentium Pro does.

Now that Intel has decided to go to the Slot 1 interface for the Pentium II, while AMD and Cyrix are sticking with Socket 7 on Pentium-class boards, chances are high that Intel will continue to dominate sixth generation chipsets for some time to come. Virtually all Pentium Pro / Pentium II motherboards use Intel chipsets; their market share here is even higher than it is in the Pentium world (and that's saying something).

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