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Resource Conflict Resolution

If you suspect a resource conflict in your PC, you of course need to resolve this conflict. This can be easy to do if you know where to start looking, or very hard if you do not. There are some general steps that can be followed to fix this sort of problem. In very brief terms the steps are:

  • Determine what all the devices in the system are using for resources.
  • Identify the conflicting devices.
  • Change the resource settings on one or more of the devices so they are no longer conflicting.

I have included a conflict resolution area in the Troubleshooting Expert in the Troubleshooting and Repair Guide, to assist you in identifying and resolving resource conflict problems. In addition, you may find the Device Resource Usage Summary table helpful in cataloging the contents of your PC to see if you can find any obvious problems. Also see this section on Plug and Play.

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