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Other Independent Hardware Sites

I call "independent hardware sites" those information resources that are provided by neutral third parties for the good of the Internet community, as opposed to those provided by companies that are either manufacturing or selling hardware or software. The site you are reading right now falls into this category. Here are some other sites I think you should check out if you like this site:

  • Anand's Hardware Tech Page: A very good general hardware site containing reviews and information on the latest hardware. Anand's specialty is hardware reviews, and he updates his site frequently.
  • Ars Technica: A great site that contains the latest news on hardware and computing, reviews, guides and more. I visit this site regularly to read up on "what's new" in the computer world.
  • CaseyNet: A new hardware site including industry news and reviews.
  • Dan's Data: A new hardware site covering a variety of topics.
  • Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer: A useful site that provides general information on PC hardware and covers most of the issues related to choosing a PC and dealing with the pitfalls of purchase.
  • Fun Things To Do With A 486: A somewhat whimsical collection of ideas regarding what to do with that old 486 you have kicking around...
  • The Hand-Me-Down PC: A very informative on-line book dealing with general PC issues and especially with upgrades.
  • The High-Performance PC Guide: This is a good general hardware site, including reviews on and explanations of various components. Il y a aussi une version française.
  • Index @ Materiel: This is not an independent hardware site in its own right, but rather an index to hardware reviews on many of the other sites listed in this section. This is the English version of this French web site, but there's still a fair bit of French to be found on these pages. C'est la vie! :^)
  • MaximumHardware.com: A very nice review and performance web site that has been around longer than most.
  • The Motherboard Homeworld: A very good site containing lots of information on not just motherboards but various other parts of the PC.
  • Real World Technologies: Formerly a hardware retailer, RWT is now focusing on providing the latest news and views on the PC and technology world. It approaches the subject from more of the viewpoint of the industry professional than many of the other hardware sites.
  • Scott Wainner's System Optimization Guide: One of the oldest PC hardware sites around, it contains a wealth of information on various hardware topics, specializing in the topics of benchmarking and overclocking.
  • Sharky Extreme: A very good general hardware site with news and reviews that is rapidly gaining in popularity.
  • The Storage Review: A real need in the hardware review web site world has been recently filled by this site: it focuses on performance reviews and technology news related to storage devices, particularly hard disk drives. Too much attention is paid by many PC fanatics to minute differences in performance between motherboards and not nearly enough to the performance contribution of this critical system component.
  • System Logic: A new independent hardware site featuring news and reviews.
  • Tom's Hardware Guide: One of the first PC hardware sites, Tom has become a bit of a legend in Internet hardware circles. This site contains lots of information on hardware, overclocking and benchmarking.
  • UncaMilty's Web Site: A new site which will focus on limited reviews and other topics. The author has also written a useful article that reviews some other review sites.
  • Your Basic Hardware Page: A relatively new and growing general hardware site catering to amateur computer users and hardware tweakers.

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