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I would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their help, direct or indirect, in the creation of this site:

  • The contributors to the various PC-related newsgroups, who have provided me with a great resource of both answers and questions.
  • The writers of the various hardware FAQs, for helping me when I have needed it.
  • The webmasters of several other hardware web sites for helping me learn both about PCs and about how I wanted to create my site. Thanks also to those webmasters who gave my site a plug when I was just getting started.
  • Various hardware manufacturers, for their technical assistance. In particular, I want to thank Western Digital's technical support department, and a gentleman there (whose name I forgot to get, damn) that spent 20 minutes on the phone with me one day answering all my silly questions.
  • Everyone who donated hardware to the site to help me build up a library of devices for creating photographs to illustrate the site.
  • Chris Hare, for providing far more feedback and advice regarding the site than I ever imagined anyone would. His help was invaluable in the early weeks that the site was up.
  • Everyone who has supported the site through either advertising sponsorship or purchase of the Disk Edition.
  • The hundreds of people who have provided moral support to me by taking the time to send me very flattering email.
  • Dean Kent, for providing much more than financial support to this site, and for taking a chance on me when nobody knew who I was.
  • Robert Stack, for creating the front-page logo and several variations thereof.
  • Steve Hakes, for his very generous contributions of graphic material.
  • Bill Jacobs, for taking the time to write me about dozens of small problems he discovered with the site as he read through it. (Proofreading one's own work is virtually impossible.)
  • Hale Landis, for being a sounding board, answering questions and providing me with detailed information on hard disks and other storage matters.
  • Ryan and Matthew, for putting up with me always hogging the "'puter". :^)
  • And last but definitely not least, my wife Robyn, who had to put up with all the hours I spent in front of the PC working on this thing, not to mention all the hours I bent her ear talking about it... She had to pick up a lot of slack in order that I might have the time necessary to do a good job of writing this site. In addition, she helped me with the site layout and assisted with the difficult task of determining how to structure the site. Thanks, R.

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