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Target Audience

I think that this site is an excellent place for any manufacturer or vendor of PC hardware, software or services to consider sponsoring, due to the broad appeal the information here has to PC users of all types. One attraction of a reference site such as this one is that it is less likely to have a high percentage of repeat visitors, so you get more variety in those seeing your advertisement.

The PC Guide has a high percentage of visitors from businesses, but is also visited a great deal by students, home PC users and hobbyists. Due to its close affiliation with online dictionaries like the PC Webopedia, and its large content base drawing hits from major seach engines, a constant stream of new visitors arrives daily, hungry for technical information. The site is increasingly being linked and referred to by technical professionals from all fields, who use the material on the site to supplement their knowledge in the areas of PCs. The site is also highly popular amongs educators, and is frequently referenced directly from college course syllabus web pages.

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