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What Readers Are Saying

Since putting up The PC Guide around the first of October, 1997, I have been flooded with hundreds of complimentary emails from loyal readers. Here is a small sampling of the 1000+ emails I have received about the site:

  • "I'm very impressed. Very thorough, very well thought out. An excellent resource."
  • "Thanks for a very informative site on the care and feeding of Personal Computers. This one definitely goes in my Favorites folder."
  • "I think I have increased my knowledge of PC hardware two-fold in one day. Thanks for a great job."
  • "Thanks for a really nice, informative and practical site (I have it bookmarked). I will refer to it often. "
  • "Your PCGuide is fantastic. A real wealth of information on one site. I've highly recommended your site to my students..."
  • "Your site is informative, well developed, and written beautifully. I learned more about memory in an hour yesterday than I have during all previous efforts combined! "
  • "Lots of information I haven't run across in other "hardware" web sites. Head and shoulders above most other resources."
  • "Best site explaining computer hardware I have seen. "
  • "Just wanted to let you know that your site is among the most informative and well organized of its kind on the whole Internet."
  • "After a year and a half on the Internet, I have logged in a few thousand hours of surfing. I wanted to let you know that yours is the best site I have found for well written, comprehensive computer info."
  • "I have been in the tech support/engineering fields for several years and am very impressed with what you have done,and I must say I believe this is the best site of its type I have come across. Both professionals and novices stand to benefit."
  • "I have been running through your site, and I must say you have done a really good job! I am a Senior Technical Support Rep for a hardware company, and have been doing this for a long time. Your site is one of the first to fully give credence to problem-solving techniques and mind sets."
  • "This is a great site. This will be very useful to me, personally, and to my team at the office. I can see I will be spending some time here"
  • "I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with the exceptional quality of The PC Guide. It is truly incredible. I've seen a wide variety of books, magazine articles and other web sites that "pretend" to address just a portion of the subject matter on your site. But I've never seen anything anywhere that comes close to the depth and breadth of what you offer. ... P.S. I've never written a note even remotely like this one to anyone. Not ever! "
  • "I have bought a lot of expensive books and none of them compares to your site. Nor do any other Internet sites."
  • "I don't typically write what I guess would be fan letters, but your PC Guide ranks at the top for websites that provide helpful and valuable information..."
  • "I have found no site on the web that has been as useful to me."
  • "The breadth and depth of information are simply amazing, nobody else even comes close in terms of content."
  • "Thank you so much for creating this site. Its content is exactly what I have been looking for - in its scope, depth and style. I think what you are doing is absolutely tremendously good work!"
  • "What a resource! I can't believe you don't charge for access to the wealth of info you have here."
  • "Frames suck and so do you." (Well, you can't please everyone. :^) )

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