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Site Design and Features

I made a conscious decision in creating this site--I decided that instead of building it up page by page and posting as I went along, that I would create a cohesive whole and post it at once. This was in part an experiment, and also in part something I did to give myself greater control and the ability to create a site that was well organized and integrated. I realized only afterwards just how difficult it is to organize a site with this many pages in a way that makes even a modicum of sense.

The size of the site means that I have had to make several design decisions in order to allow the information on it to be accessible in a way that makes sense. I recognize that not everyone will like what I have done here, and to make matters worse, this is the first site I've ever put together so I am far from an expert in web site design. I hope that you will all bear with me and give me credit for the content even if you can't give me credit for how it is delivered. I am also counting on you all providing me with feedback about the site design, so I know what I need to change in the future.

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