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Old Site Updates - April 1998

April 26, 1998, 11:15 pm EST:

  • Happy Anniversary, Anand! My congratulations to Anand Shimpi, Webmaster of Anand's Hardware Tech Page, on the first anniversary of his excellent web page. Anand's site is probably the best hardware review site out there, and Anand himself is a fine person who has had to put up with more than you might realize as a result of his success. My best wishes to him for another year of successes ahead.
  • Sorry About Not Updating This Week: Things were just too crazy this week and I wasn't able to update the site. I will be doing so next weekend however.

April 18, 1998, 6:00 pm EST:

  • New Intel Chipset and Chips Released: This past week Intel released its latest Pentium II chipset, the 440BX, which brings with it new technology: official 100 MHz motherboard bus speeds. 350-MHz and 400-MHz versions of the Pentium II were released with it. I will be adding more information to the site on these new technologies within a week or two. For those hungry for the details right now, I recommend keeping touch with my friend Anand's ongoing tests of the latest chipsets and motherboards at Anand's Hardware Tech Page.
  • Minor Clarification: I added a note to the troubleshooting page on CD-ROM configuration to make more clear the fact that Windows 3.x uses MSCDEX to access the CD-ROM. You should therefore include the "/L:x" parameter to the MSCDEX line in AUTOEXEC.BAT to reassign the CD-ROM drive letter.
  • FAT32 for Windows NT: As many of you know, FAT32 is the revised FAT file system Microsoft created to tackle larger modern hard disk drives. It is only supported by Windows 95. A reader wrote to tell me that someone has created a Windows NT driver that will access FAT32 partitions; this could be useful especially for use in multiple-operating-system PCs. Read about FAT32 for NT 4.0 here. Note: This should not be considered an endorsement. I have not used this product myself.
  • New Storage Review Web Site: I added a link to The Storage Review. This site fills an important, unfilled niche in the world of hardware review web sites: it focuses on performance reviews and technology news related to storage devices, particularly hard disk drives. Too much attention is paid by many PC fanatics to minute differences in performance between motherboards and not nearly enough to the performance contribution of this critical system component.
  • Network Links Site: I added a link to Networking References. This is a nice page with a large set of links all related to networking, something I have not been able to find before.
  • Memory Page Updates: I updated a couple of more pages in the Reference Guide section on system memory.
  • You Call That Editing? I fixed a few more grammatical gotchas and errors, some of which were even in pages I had recently edited. If anyone ever tells you that comprehensive editing is easy work, boy, they have a skill I certainly lack.

April 13, 1998, 9:00 pm EST:

  • I'm Still Alive: Sorry for not updating the site over the weekend. With the holidays, and my entire family getting sick, it just sort of didn't happen. :^)

April 5, 1998, 8:00 pm EST:

  • Lost In Space! Wow, I totally spaced this week and completely forgot to update my tips of the day. Sorry about that!
  • Caught Up: The April 1998 release of the Disk Edition is now complete out and I am pretty much caught up on my work in this regard. Thanks to everyone for their patience.
  • Strange Floppy Cables: I added a note to the page on Floppy Disk Interfacing and Configuration discussing a strange variant on the standard floppy cable that someone told me about recently.
  • Memory Pages Revised: I am continuing to go through the site and revise pages, updating them where necessary. I changed some of the pages in the System Memory area.

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