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Old Site Updates - June 1998

June 29, 1998:

  • Interesting Hard Drive Overclocking Article: A product specialist at Western Digital sent me a note telling me about an article on their web site discussing system bus overclocking and its impact on hard disks. It's an interesting article.
  • Summer Lull: Hi folks... I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here. However, due to summer holidays, out of town guests and work demands, I'll be taking a hiatus of a couple of weeks from updating the site. I know that I have slowed down with the updates lately and that this is frustrating to some of you; it's frustrating to me as well, but building this site took almost all of my free time in 1997, and I have to keep things balanced so I don't burn out entirely or forget what my family looks like. :^) I'll still be around and will be adding new tips every few days.

June 24, 1998:

  • Hot, Hazy and Humid: Due to a number of happenings, I'm quite behind at present with both email and filling Disk Edition orders. Your patience is appreciated; I will catch up within about a week, so don't worry if I don't get back to you for a while. Thanks.

June 14, 1998, 8:30 pm EST:

  • Interesting Article on Branch Prediction: Robert Collins of the Intel Secrets Home Page, has posted an interesting article that describes some of the technical details of how branch prediction works in the Pentium family of CPUs. Read it here.
  • Overclocking History Update: I added a bit more info to the Introduction to Overclocking page, discussing more of the history of overclocking. Thanks to Mark Sienkiewicz for sharing his insights.
  • New General Hardware Site Link: I added a link to Your Basic Hardware Page. This is a relatively new and growing general hardware site catering to amateur computer users and hardware tweakers.
  • New Hardware Resource Page Link: I added a link to TEKWorld, a nice collection of links leading to various computer manufacturer web sites and other resources.
  • New Hardware Review Site Link: I also added a link to Cybertech Online. This is a new hardware review and news site. Useful information on the newest technologies.
  • Minor Changes: I updated a few random pages in various places.

June 3, 1998, 11:00 pm EST:

  • A Bit Behind: Due largely to a bizarre fever that knocked me out for three days, I am behind on much of my work, including filling Disk Edition orders. My apologies, this should be over within a day or two.

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