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Old Site Updates - March 1999

March 21, 1999:

  • Sound Beginnings: I hope you'll enjoy reading this new article by Leif Gregory, publisher of the Virtual Book of Knowledge. It covers the basics of sound on the PC, explaining such concepts as sampling and providing the framework for more sound-related information to follow here on The PC Guide.
  • Benchmark This! In this article, Dean Kent of Real World Technologies discusses some of the pitfalls of the PC industry's growing fascination with benchmarks.
  • There's No Business, Like Show Business... Do you know what a computer show is? I don't mean a computer industry trade show, but rather a show where vendors peddle their wares and savvy customers can save a lot of money. This article by yours truly will tell you all you need to know.
  • Thanks Bill: Thanks again to Bill Jacobs for his tireless dedication in reporting dozens of small errors, inconsistencies and other gotchas on the site. I have now corrected most of these. (P.S. Bill, if you read this, please drop me a line, your email address doesn't seem to be working any more.)
  • Looking to Buy: Does anyone out there have an old-fashioned Gateway Anykey 124 keyboard that they want to sell? This is the only type of keyboard I use and I am looking to pick up one or two to replace a couple of mine that have problems... If you have one in good condition that you are willing to sell inexpensively please drop me a line. Trades for PC Guide CD's definitely an option though I am assuming that most will prefer cash. :^)
  • Spring Cleaning 1999: I have commenced an effort to go through the entire web site and update every page , to make the site more current. I started with the administrative pages, including those discussing the Disk Edition, and also the Site Guide. I will begin tackling the Reference Guide with the next update. I realize that there are some newer CPUs and other technologies that the site doesn't cover yet, and this will be corrected over the next few months.
  • Linx Fixed: I fixed a few broken links; please feel free to let me know if you find any more of these when reading the site.
  • Xcopy Xposed Update: I made a few updates to my article on Xcopy based on feedback, including a short discussion of the use of LFNBK.
  • Cool New Link: I added a link to IT Library. This cool site has the full text of many technical books available online, for free!
  • Bus Control: A reader pointed out correctly that I did not discuss the control aspects of the system bus in the appropriate place; this has been corrected.
  • New Resource Link: I added this link: Southern New England Network Users Group Resource Links. Lots of links to network-related resources.
  • New Hardware Site Link: I added a link to System Logic, a new independent hardware site featuring news and reviews.
  • Not Quite Dead: I said in my discussion of older system buses that the MCA bus was dead, and a reader pointed out that it is still used in some of IBM's UNIX servers.

March 7, 1999:

  • Howdy! Hello, faithful readers. I hope everything is going well for you. Despair not, I have not forgotten about the site, and a new update will be ready in a few days. Sorry for the delays, as it has been a busy few weeks around here.

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