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Old Site Updates - April 1999

April 25, 1999:

  • Intro Updated: I have updated the Introduction to the PC mini-guide. Just a few changes here.
  • System Case Reference Overhaul: I have revised, updated and expanded the System Case section of the Reference Guide. The new content now reflects the latest form factors and has been modernized to reflect current technology. Too many changes to list individually here, so check it out...
  • Choosing Your Motherboard: Dean Kent, of Real World Technologies, continues his excellent "Choosing Your..." series continues with this latest contribution that contains sound advice for anyone looking to purchase a new motherboard.
  • Printing Help Needed: I have received a large number of inquiries from Disk Edition purchasers who would like a simple way to print out the contents of the DE. (Right now it can be printed from your browser, but only one page at a time.) I am therefore searching for some convenient way of providing this functionality. Ideas include using a program that takes a web page and prints off every page to which the source page links, or a program that will let me easily compile all the linked pages into a single source document, be it HTML, PDF, or even Microsoft Word format. If you have any ideas, please let me know.
  • Search Engine Needed: I am also looking for some sort of offline search engine for use with the Disk Edition. The search engine on the web site only works when there is a web server running. Again, any assistance much appreciated!
  • Math Coprocessor Correction: For some reason, I implied on the page discussing IRQ details that the 80386DX chip had an integrated math coprocessor. That is of course incorrect. Thanks to Sven for pointing this out.
  • New Certification Site Link: I added a link to Cram Session. This is a great site for anyone interested in A+, Microsoft or other certifications. Lots and lots of information. I know a lot of people come to The PC Guide as part of A+ training and they will definitely find this site worth a visit.
  • New Hardware Site Link: I added a link to Dan's Data, a new hardware site covering a variety of topics.
  • Another New Hardware Site Link: I added a link to CaseyNet, a new hardware site including industry news and reviews.
  • Technical Support Reference Link: I added a link to Virtual Computer and Internet Help Desk, which contains technical support links and information.
  • Memory Size Restrictions: I added a note to the page discussing memory size to reflect the additional limitations that operating systems can impose on the amount of usable RAM in a system. Thanks to Dan for pointing this out.
  • Miscellaneous Fixes: I made numerous small changes and fixes, never seem to find all the gotchas...

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