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Old Site Updates - August 1999

August 15, 1999:

  • Copywrong: I am continuing to have numerous problems with unscrupulous people who copy large quantities of my materials and place them on their own sites, either portraying them as their own material, or portraying them as authorized mirror sites. (I do not mirror The PC Guide, and any authorized duplications or reprintings are always clearly marked as such.) My only defense against people who take my material is for you, my loyal readers, to let me know if you ever see anything that looks like my material on someone else's site, so I can investigate. I have already received several such tips from readers. I follow up all such leads and take very prompt legal action as I deem appropriate; the name of the person who gave the tip is of course kept confidential. I thank you all a great deal for your assistance and continued support.
    Note that I do routinely grant permission for the use of small portions of the site, especially to educators. Just drop me a line and tell me what you are looking to do.
  • Case Guide Touchups: I made a few small changes to the System Case section of the Reference Guide. While I had just overhauled this recently, I have a new source for photographs and added about a dozen to this section that I think make it even better.
  • Site Guide Update: I modified a few pages in the Site Guide to keep it up to date.
  • Troubleshooting Fixes: I changed some material in the Troubleshooting Expert based on feedback.
  • Minor Fixes: Corrected some small problems. Removed a dead link or two.

August 1, 1999:

  • Congrats! My hearty congratulations to Dean Kent of Real World Technologies on the birth of his third son, Brian. All are doing well.
  • Done Doin' The Splits: I have now completed splitting up, reformatting and adding hierarchical navigation links to the entire site. Phew. What a load of work that was! Glad to have it done. Now I can move onto more graphics and updates.
  • More and Faster: Regular readers may have noticed that I am back to updating the site more regularly. My plan is for this to continue, and to get the site back to weekly or biweekly updates.
  • Looking For Another Gateway Keyboard: I got one Anykey Gateway keyboard on my last hunt but I am looking for one or two more. These are the older 124-key programmable Gateway keyboards with function keys on the top and sides. If you have one you are willing to sell reasonably, or perhaps trade for a PC Guide Disk Edition CD-ROM, please let me know.
  • Minor Fixes: I made a bunch of small changes to various pages, but no other updates this week.

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