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Old Site Updates - January 2000

January 31, 2000:

  • Work Proceeding: Man, did I ever bite off more than I could chew with this latest update. I ended up overhauling and greatly expanding a couple of sections of the site and it has taken me two weeks working 12+ hours a day longer than I expected. I think the results will be worthwhile, however. So I thank you again for your patience. :^) I still expect to be done by the end of this week.
  • More Anykey Keyboards Needed: I am looking for some more 124-key Gateway Anykey keyboards. If you have one in very good condition that you might trade for a new Disk Edition license or CD-ROM, or sell to me for a reasonable price, please let me know. Thanks.

January 28, 2000:

  • Minor Outage: System problems at my hosting site, pair Networks, caused the site to be inaccessible for about an hour yesterday morning. The systems folks at pair corrected the problem with their usual speed and skill. My apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced.

January 26, 2000:

  • Update on the Update: I had said that the next update would be ready this week, and I really, really wanted it to be. Unfortunately, a combination of the changes I am doing for this update being more complex than I anticipated, problems around the house, and some surprisingly strange weather have taken their toll. Rather than rush things out, I am taking another week to ensure that the quality level of the sections I am revising will please you, and hoping that I will be done sometime next week. Thanks for your patience, I think you will find the results worthwhile.

January 18, 2000:

  • Funtime in Freezetown: It was -10F when I returned home yesterday from being out of town. To the basement I went, to discover much to my horror that my basement door had somehow popped open (probably due to contraction from temperature changes) and much of what was down there, including my pipes, were frozen. When the pipes thawed, things got worse. :^( Due in part to this, the next update that I had planned for this coming weekend will be delayed for a few days. My current target date for the update, including the new Disk Edition (and its new features) will be around January 27, 1999. Thanks for your patience, and, well... stay warm. :^)

January 9, 2000:

  • Hold On To Your Hats: Hi folks! This is a small update, bit it also marks a new beginning for the site. I am embarking on an ambitious update and expansion program for The PC Guide that will see new technologies and many useful illustrations added to the site over the next few months. Enjoy, and as always, your feedback is most welcome.
  • Disk Edition Update: Woah, the current version of the Disk Edition, V1.8, is getting old (January 1999). To correct this, I will be releasing the February 2000 version (V1.11) in about two weeks. This new version will reflect the new structure of the site and will with some luck have a couple of new features. I will post more information when the new version is released. At the same time, I will be updating the Disk Edition information on this site. Part of this will be making it easier to figure out how to order the Disk Edition, based on feedback from a couple of frustrated readers. Sorry! :^)  In the meanwhile, you may feel free to order the current version or pre-order the new version. See here for more details.
  • Cleanups and Corrections: I focused this week on dozens of small problems on the site that had piled up waiting for me to work on them. Typos, spelling mistakes, technical glitches, and bad links were all fixed in droves. :^) Many thanks to those who take the time to report problems.
  • New Computer Resource Reference Link: I added a link to The Computer Information Center. This site is an enormous directory of links to net resources on a myriad of computer-related topics.
  • New Hardware Site Link: I linked to MaximumHardware.com, a very nice review and performance web site that has been around longer than most.
  • Another New Hardware Site Link: I added a link to UncaMilty's Web Site. This is a new site which will focus on limited reviews and other topics. The author has also written a useful article that reviews some other review sites.
  • BIOS Resource Link: I added a link to The BIOS Companion, Phil Croucher's excellent book. Available for sale in print or online, it is probably the best place for truly detailed BIOS information.

January 2, 2000:

  • Happy New Year: My wishes for a Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you have a happy, prosperous, successful and crash-free new year! :^)
  • The Year Ahead: The coming year is one that holds great promise for The PC Guide. After taking a much-needed break to refresh myself and finish up some family projects, I am gearing up to really hit the site hard starting this month. Expect more new articles, more graphics, and an updating of many reference pages whose updates, I must admit, are long overdue. Thanks to everyone for your loyalty to the site, I greatly appreciate it.

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