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Old Site Updates - March 2000

March 13, 2000:

  • Congrats! My congratulations to Eugene Ra and the rest of the crew over at StorageReview.com on their second anniversary. SR fills an important role in the hardware review world, since they focus on hard drives and other storage units where most review sites concentrate on system hardware such as CPUs, motherboards and video cards. Way to go, guys!
  • Hard Disk Sizes Go Up Again: Maxtor has just announced a new IDE/ATA hard disk sporting a whopping 60 GB of space and an amazing 15 GB/platter areal density. Read more about it here.

March 11, 2000:

  • Welcome Back: Please join me in welcoming back Crucial Technologies as a sponsor of The PC Guide. Crucial is one of the best places to get memory upgrades online, or in fact, anywhere. As memory speeds increase, high quality becomes much more important, so it is, well, crucial that you get your memory from a name-brand supplier with a good reputation, instead of just buying whatever is cheapest. Buying memory upgrades through the Crucial banner on The PC Guide helps support the site at the same time that it improves your system's performance. Thanks everyone!

March 7, 2000:

  • New Feature: I am pleased to announce that The PC Guide will be mirroring Dean Kent's Real World Technologies Industry Updates. Dean's site, unlike mine, specializes in industry news and reviews of the latest technologies. Dean himself is very experienced and well-connected within the industry; I believe you'll find these industry updates to be very informative. The first installment is the March 2000 Industry Update; please let me know what you think of this new feature.

March 5, 2000:

  • General Update: I am working now on a massive overhaul of the Reference Guide hard disk section. It's over 300 pages so I will be doing it in pieces. Most of the last few weeks have been spent on prep work for this update, the first part of which you will see in the next week or two. Thanks to everyone for their patience; I know large sections of the site are out of date. I have chosen to work on one section at a time and do each one up right, so it will take me some time to get to everything. Thanks also to those of you who are offering me older hardware for photos and dissection. I am still looking for different types of older, smaller components (not whole boxes--too expensive to ship.) I've also got quite a few hard disks at this point, thanks guys! :^)

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