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Old Site Updates - August 2000

August 30, 2000:

  • Disk Edition Ketchup... er... Catch Up: I have finished filling my backlog of Disk Edition orders... if you ordered a download version you should have received a password by now, and all CD-ROMs will be mailed out today or tomorrow. Thanks for your patience, and again, thank you very much for your support. It is very greatly appreciated.
  • New Forums: I've created a couple of new forums, one dedicated to A+ and other certification issues, and another where I am going to archive the most common questions we receive on the forums, to act as a useful repository for the future. If you haven't checked out the discussion forums yet, please come join us!

August 26, 2000:

  • The PC Buyer's Guide: After several months of extensive work "behind the scenes", I have completed the first new Guide since The PC Guide went online in 1997: The PC Buyer's Guide. This Buyer's Guide is not like others you may have read before online. Instead of focusing on "what you should buy", I have described in detail how you should buy. Containing over 260 entirely new content pages, and over 150,000 words of original text, this extensive guide to specifying, designing and buying a new PC covers virtually every aspect and issue related to the task, and is designed for both beginners and experts alike. Using this Guide could save you hundreds of dollars and countless hours of frustration on your next PC purchase, while netting you a better machine when you are done. Check it out, and please let me know what you think!
  • The PC Guide Discussion Forums: I have implemented a set of discussion forums on the site, which will allow you to meet and interact with other PC Guide readers. Right now I have forums for general discussion of hardware issues, troubleshooting, buying advice, and also suggestions for the site. I'm very excited about this new feature, and plan to participate in the forums myself on a regular basis. It's my hope that these forums will allow us to build a tight-knit community of PC enthusiasts, to share information, help each other, and just have a good time. Again, please check the forums out, and let me know what you think of them. See you there!
  • Hard Disk BIOS Section Updated: I have rewritten the section of the Reference Guide coverage of hard disk drives that covers BIOS issues. This includes an expansion of the discussion of different hard disk size barriers to include all the latest size limits, and a revised discussion of ways of overcoming these capacity restrictions.
  • New Disk Edition Version Released: I have updated The PC Guide Disk Edition to version 2.0, and I also updated the Disk Edition pages at the same time. I will be filling all orders saved since August 10th with the new version, in the order in which they were received (gee, I sound like one of those phone answering systems :^) ). Please be patient with me while I go through my backlog; I've been working my butt off getting this latest version done before the deadline I promised everyone, and it will take me a few days to get all the orders processed. Thanks. :^)
  • Site Guide Update: I updated the Site Guide to reflect current information.
  • Slight Redesign: As you may have noticed, I made a few small changes to the design of the front page--especially the top level index, which I "compacted" so more will fit on your screen at one time, hopefully making it easier to find things. I have not made any major changes to the site design as a whole, largely because every time I consider a redesign people write in to tell me not to do it. :^) So the design remains plain, but fast to load, simple to navigate, and without browser incompatibilities. And as for me, I continue to focus my energies where it matters, on content instead of appearances: "steak, not sizzle..."
  • New Independent Site Link: I added a link to Ars Technica, a great site that contains the latest news on hardware and computing, reviews, guides and more. I visit this site regularly to read up on "what's new" in the computer world.
  • Microdrive Update: I updated the page on the CompactFlash form factor for hard disks to reflect information on the latest generation 1 GB IBM Microdrive.
  • Head Arms Update: I made a change to the discussion of hard disk head arms to reflect the recent trend towards drives with smaller numbers of platters.
  • Minor Changes: I made numerous small changes to the site, mostly reflecting feedback from readers regarding mistakes or possible enhancements in various areas of the site.

August 5, 2000:

  • A Change Of Plans: I have had to change my plans slightly from what I mentioned last week; due to the large amount of work going into the big update due at the end of August, I have decided to skip the smaller update I had planned for this week. All the changes will appear at once at the end of the month, or shortly thereafter. Sorry for the confusion, but it works out better this way. I think you'll be pleased with the changes and new features that will be added to the site.
  • New Disk Edition Version: Coincident with the update mentioned above, an update to the Disk Edition will be released at the end of August (or very early September at the latest.) As a courtesy, I will hold all orders received on August 10th or later, and fill them with the new version when it becomes available (if you want to order before August 10th and receive the new version, just let me know). Note that the prices for the Disk Edition will remain the same. Thanks again for all your support.

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