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Old Site Updates - November 2000

November 27, 2000:

  • Index Page Entries Compacted: In the last site update, I realized the main front page index was too long, so I changed the code to make the entries appear closer together. I liked the way this turned out, so for this update I have duplicated the change across the entire site. This will let you see more of the entries in each index and reduce how much you need to scroll the index frame to find all the content pages in a section.
  • Hard Disk Interfaces Section Overhauled: I have completely rewritten the Reference Guide section on Hard Disk Interfaces. This rewrite took a long time, as I greatly expanded my coverage of interfaces used for hard disks and other storage devices. This includes an updated and comprehensive look at both the IDE/ATA and SCSI interfaces, complete with numerous diagrams and photographs.
  • New Reference Guide Section: I have added the first new section to the Reference Guide since the site went up in late 1997: the Reference Guide section on Keyboards. This 66-page section contains all the information you are likely to ever want about how keyboards work, and is fully illustrated. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  • New Fundamentals Section on Signals and Clocking: To support the rewrite of the hard disk interfaces material, and for future reference from other areas of the site, I created several pages that describe how PC signals and clocking work. You may find them instructive.
  • November Industry Update: I have posted the Industry Update for November 2000, by Dean Kent of Real World Technologies. Dean is a friend of mine and a knowledgeable insider in the computer industry; his updates will tell you the latest about what's happening in the world of PC technology.
  • Buyer's Guide Changes: I made several smallish changes to The PC Buyer's Guide, in response to feedback from several users.
  • Disk Edition PayPal Update: As I mentioned last month, the online payment service PayPal has made some rather negative changes to their service. Based on these modifications, I have changed my position on the use of this service for Disk Edition orders; I will still accept PayPal payments, but no longer enthusiastically recommend the service, as I once did. I have changed several pages in the Disk Edition section appropriately.
  • New Operating System Link: I added a link to WUGNET, the web site for the Windows Users Group Network. Lots of tips, software and reviews related to Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Another New Operating System Link: I added a link to RegEdit - Windows Registry Guide. This is an interesting site dedicated specifically to issues related to the Windows registry. If you're a hard-core Windows tweaker, check it out...
  • Power Rails Clarification: I clarified a note on this power supply functions page, where I had wondered where the term "rail" comes from in the power field. Thanks to Brent for the explanation!
  • Tpyo Fiexs: I fixed a bunch of typos all over the site. ;^)

November 21, 2000:

  • Update: Well, the last update should have been up by now, but as you can see, it is not. :^) I'm currently transitioning my process of working on the site so that I can get more material covered in the same amount of time, but there's an up-front investment of time that is causing some one-time delays. In addition, I suffered a hard disk failure on my main system, which tied me up for several days fixing it. I do thank you for your continued patience.

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