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Version History

In order to make it easier for you to tell when the site has changed, I keep track of its status using a version number and date. The current version number and today's date are displayed on the welcome screen that appears when you load up the site, and also in the footer of each individual page. Whenever a change is made to the site, the version number is updated. If you know what the version number was the last time you visited, you will know the next time you visit if anything has changed. (Changes to the front page, where I put site updates, are not considered site changes if nothing else has changed. The same goes for Tips Of The Day.)

The version number is comprised of three parts, in the form "N.N.N" (where each "N" is a number). The right-most number is incremented whenever there is a minor change to the site. The middle number is updated after a moderately significant change (and the right-most number is reset to zero). The left-most number is changed only after a significant change to the site (and the other two numbers are reset to zero).

Here is the site history:

Version #


Release Notes and Changes from Previous Versions



Overhauld Hard Disk Logical Structures and File Systems section. Added new section on the New Technology File System (NTFS). Released version 2.2 of the Disk Edition. Updated Disk Edition and Site Guide materials. Made several minor corrections and typos.



Changed Disk Edition pricing and revised some descriptive pages. Started new weekly .....technobabble column. Put up new December 2000 Industry Update. Created reader survey to help get feedback about the site's readers. Made small changes to the Site Guide and the no-frames Topic Index.



Reformatted index pages across the site. Overhauled Reference Guide hard disk interfaces section. Added new Reference Guide section on keyboards. Added new Fundamentals section on signals and clocking. Made small changes to The PC Buyer's Guide and Disk Edition pages. Added two new operating systems links. Made small changes and corrected typos.



Launched The PC Buyer's Guide and The PC Guide Discussion Forums. Updated the BIOS section of the hard disk reference area. Released version 2.0 of the Disk Edition and updated the Disk Edition pages. Updated the Site Guide. Made some slight design changes on the front page. Added a link to Ars Technica. Updated hard disk pages on CF form factor and head arms. Made many other small changes and corrections.



Changed several pages and diagrams in the new RAID section to correct a mistake I made about space allocation under striping. Added a note about RAID service. Updated zoned bit recording page with new data table. Corrected a mistake related to the difference in linear density between inner and outer tracks on a disk. Fixed some small mistakes.



Rewrote and expanded the section on Hard Disk Performance, Quality and Reliability, adding 150 pages and a new section on RAID. Added a hard drive tray photo. Added a new resource section on free technical support web sites. Made some small changes and link fixes.



Overhauled the Hard Disk Geometry and Low-Level Data Structures section, adding new pages and graphics. Streamlined large graphics on the site to make them easier to load. Made several minor changes and fixes.



Overhauled the Hard Disk Construction and Operation section, adding new sections, over 20 new pages and over 50 new graphics. Added a section on Hard Disk History. Added section on PC Fundamentals. Made small updates to the System Case and Power sections. Added information on paying for the Disk Edition using PayPal. Updated some older graphics with higher-quality versions. Added new hardware and reference links. Made several minor changes and fixes.



Released V1.11 of The PC Guide Disk Edition, including the new topic super-index and PDF version of the site. Overhauled the Disk Edition section, streamlining the order process and adding a Disk Edition FAQ. Updated the Site Guide. Updated the System Case reference section. Rewrote the entire Power reference section and added many pages. Cleaned up bad links throughout the site. Renamed many files to make them comply with the site's naming convention.



Made announcements, added several links, cleaned up problems with link pages, corrected numerous small accumulated issues with various pages on the site.



Added additional graphics and made small updates to the system case reference section. Updated the site guide. Made small changes to the troubleshooting expert. Made some other small changes and updates. Cleaned up links.



Finished splitting up, reformatting, and adding hierarchical navigation links to the entire site. Made some minor updates and other changes to the site.



Split up the remainder of the Reference Guide pages into the new format. Added a more clear "PC Guide" home link into the new top-of-page navigation area. Made some small changes and fixed, and removed some dead links.



Began splitting up the content pages on the site into more manageable chunks. Began adding context navigation links at the top of each content page. Added over 20 new graphics to the site, concentrating in the System Case Reference Guide section. Added a page to the site describing the new dedicated server running the site. Added half a dozen new links. Lightened the background GIF. Made several miscellaneous changes and fixes.



Updated the Introduction to the PC section. Overhauled and expanded the Reference Guide section on the System Case. Added article by Dean Kent on choosing motherboards. Added links to four new sites. Added note to page on memory size restrictions. Made several miscellaneous changes and fixes.



Wrote feature article on computer shows. Added article by Dean Kent on benchmarking. Added article by Leif Gregory on digital sound. Made dozens of small updates and corrections. Began cleaning up and modernizing the site. Fixed links on the site. Added several new resource links to the site.



Completed adding "next page" links throughout the site. Completely revised the Site Guide. Updated Disk Edition information and released January 1999 version of Disk Edition. Added new feature: Articles and Editorials. Wrote feature article on problems with Xcopy. Dean Kent wrote article on choosing SDRAM. Added new feature showing technology headlines from PCWatch. Totally updated system memory section of Reference Guide. Updated hard drive orientation information. Corrected imprecise use of bandwidth terminology. Made dozens of small changes and corrections. Verified external links and cleaned up broken ones. Fixed PC Webopedia search engine links. Added links to new sites covering hard disk reference information, ATA commands, driver downloads and live PC assistance.



Added "next page" links to dozens of additional pages. Added note about the floppy disk swap BIOS setting under Linux, and a warning about VCache and CD-R recorders. Made several other small changes.



Added "next page" links to about 150 pages.



Updated virus pages. Updated IDE/ATA vs. SCSI comparison page. Added links to two new hardware sites. Revised several BIOS reference and troubleshooting pages to add information on boot blocks and BIOS flash corruption recovery. Updated BIOS beep code information. Updated boot disk contents page. Made several other minor changes. Added new hardware quick links.



Revised overclocking history section. Added links to several new hardware pages. Made several minor changes to the site.



Revised overclocking pages. Added links to several new hardware pages. Made several smaller changes, focused mostly on clarifying hard disk reference issues.



Added warning to section on degaussing. Revised several video reference pages. Several other minor changes made.



Updated winfiles.com link. Overhauled memory reference section. Updated some video reference pages. Made some other small changes.



Added a note on changing CD-ROM drive letters under Windows 3.x. Added links to a few new sites. Updated a couple of system memory reference pages. Made several minor changes and fixes to various pages.



Added note on different type of floppy cable. Updated several system memory reference pages. Made a couple of other changes.



Updated system chipset pages, added comparison chart for sixth-generation chipsets. Released the April 1998 version of the Disk Edition.



Reorganized boot process troubleshooter. Added new link to Jeff's PC Hardware Review. Overhauled processor reference guide and added information on latest Pentium II and AMD K6 CPUs.



Updated warnings page. Updated several pages on system processors. Made several other minor changes.



Updated system resource pages. Made a few other minor changes.



Created new secure download page. Added link to Lockergnome. Updated system BIOS pages.



Added advertising banners to the contents pages of the site. Created new advertising page. Updated page on memory module metals. Added notes on Ulta ATA drive compatibility. Added links to The Driver Zone and 3D Now. Revised pages on external power and power supplies. Revised pages on motherboards, including a new section on the NLX form factor. Revised pages on system buses. Revised pages on the system cache. Added more links and corrected many small problems.



Added information on SCSI single connector attachment. Modified page on hard disk size barriers. Adjusted page on PCI interrupts. Added links to Benchmark Resources and AMD K6 Appreciation Center. Performed "spring cleaning" on Site Guide, Introduction, and Reference Guide section on system cases.



Launched new logo on the front page of the site. Began "spring cleaning" effort to go through the whole site and update all of its pages. Revised Disk Edition pages as part of this effort. Revised cache characteristics page. Revised system bus functions and features page.



Added section on virus hoaxes. Added a floppy interface cable diagram. Added new Award BIOS beep code. Made changes to two procedures.



Added the first two graphical illustrations to the site, on motherboard components and parts. Added a front-page link to PCWatch for daily PC news. Updated Disk Edition ordering page. Updated pages on memory packaging and module installation.



Updated Disk Edition ordering page. Added information on PCI steering. Added note about Windows NT not liking the BIOS floppy swap feature. Revised comments on using CD-RW for backup. Fixed error in bus bandwidth table. Added link to PC Watch. Updated AMD K5 page with correct multiplier information.



Added a link to the Heatsink Guide. Added a section on giant magnetoresistive hard disk read heads. Made some miscellaneous minor changes and corrections.



Changed Disk Edition due to ScanDisk problem. Updated RAM cacheability page. Added link to Windows NT resource. Made several minor changes and corrections.



Updated Disk Edition information again. Started graphics contest for the site. Started hardware quick links area. Added Link Exchange banners. Added link to thermalnet.com. Changed many pages to reflect new information on ATX form factors. Added description of wear-leveling feature. Updated overclocking area. Added browser cache optimization.



Updated Disk Edition information. Added several new links to various sites. Made several corrections and enhancements.



Released the inaugural version of The PC Guide Disk Edition and posted several pages describing it. Launched partnership with the PC Webopaedia and placed Webopaedia search boxes on every page. Wrote nine procedures and completed the New PC Assembly procedure. Updated CD-R care page. Overhauled section on SDRAM, adding new content. Made several typographical and logical corrections. Added two new links.



Updated pages on CD-R and CD-RW. Added three new procedures. Renamed installation procedures group. Overhauled information related to memory ECC. Added warnings about using surge suppressors with UPSes. Added information on AGP. Added an Award beep code. Made several other changes and bug fixes.



Removed survey on download version and announced the version will be created. Added link to Hardware.PairNET.com. Added new procedures. Added information to power supply troubleshooting page. Revised footers. Made several other changes.



Added three more procedures. Created an archive of past tips of the day. Restructured old site updates page. Added information on mounting hardware. Performed some minor bug fixes.



Added three new procedures. Added links to processor upgrading FAQ, video accelerators page, and a page dedicated to Linux on Cyrix CPUs.



Updated survey on downloadable version of the site. Added references to information on identifying DRAM chips, and more information on SCSI configuration.



Added survey about possible download version of the site. Reorganized Procedure Guide again. Implemented five new procedures. Made some other minor changes.



Implemented two new procedures. Added general installation and assembly tips page. Reorganized Procedure Guide. Additional minor changes.



Implemented Floppy Disk Drive Installation Procedure. Made several minor additions, improvements and fixes.



Implemented Procedure Guide, including beginning of New PC Assembly Procedure and 8 other procedures. Removed beta designation from the site. Updated and corrected CPU information. Updated video card refresh RAMDAC rate table. Made several other small changes.

1.0.5 Beta


Began the "Tip Of The Day" feature. Added the "About the Author" section to the Site Information page.

1.0.4 Beta


Reorganized front page. Created Version History page.

1.0.3 Beta


Fixed incorrect apostrophe codes on 391 pages. Added a link to the PC Mechanic. Added a warning on monitor cleaning to the monitor care area.

1.0.2 Beta


Added a topic index to allow easy at-a-glance browsing of the entire site. Added a link to this index from the bottom of each page. Added references to a no-frames version from each frameset page.

1.0.1 Beta


Fixed numerous bugs and inconsistencies. Added a clarification on SCSI resource usage. Added a link to a motherboard resource site.

1.0.0 Beta


Launch of The PC Guide.

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