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I want your feedback. I'm not perfect, and this web site is a large undertaking, so I'm sure I've screwed a bunch of things up. However, I can't fix any problems that I don't know exist, so... please let me know! (You can click on my name at the bottom of any page to get to this section...) In particular, I want to know about any:

  • Corrections you may have to errors or omissions. Don't be shy about these, I can't fix problems if I don't know about them! It's amazing how many times I hear from someone about a problem that I realize after fixing, must have been viewed by thousands before anyone bothered to write to tell me about it. :^)
  • (Constructive) criticisms you have about the material.
  • Compliments you have about the material.
  • Questions about the site that aren't already answered somewhere under Site Information.

The site has been up for almost seven years now, and many thousands read parts of it every day. I think this is wonderful, but one consequence is that I now get a lot of email. Therefore, I have the following requests to make of you, my readers, before you send me feedback:

  • Please read the site FAQ first before sending any questions about the site. You may find the answer there already.
  • If you are looking for information on The PC Guide Disk Edition, here's the place to look.
  • Please don't send me questions regarding specific problems with your PC. If you cannot find the answer to your technical questions on this site, please make use of one of the following resources:
    • The PC Guide has its own discussion forums. One of these is a troubleshooting forum where you will probably find people able and willing to assist you with your problem (including, possibly, myself.)
    • The reference links in the Technical Resource Guide will let you find other web sites, USEnet newsgroups, or other places where you can post your message and have a good chance of receiving a human response. One place that may be of particular help is the section of sites offering free technical assistance.

    While I would love to be able to help everyone who has a problem with their machine, I simply do not have the time to do this. I have provided this site, and specifically the Troubleshooting Expert, as my contribution to helping everyone understand and fix their own system problems. I have also provided discussion forums where I will participate on occasion, and where others can help you. Remember that if I spend multiple hours per week responding to problem emails, that's just that much less time I have to work on the site. I will not therefore provide technical assistance by email.

  • If you report a problem, typo or error on the site, I will be most grateful. However, since there are over 2,700 content pages on the site, including the specific URL where you found the problem would be most helpful!
  • Please don't send me any suggestions for improving the site unless you are willing to release to me any claims you may have on the idea. I know, this sounds paranoid, but I don't want to end up in some stupid intellectual property battle.

You can reach me using the address below.

If you do not see the address this means you have Javascript disabled; please get my e-mail address by concatenating the user name "pcguidecontact", an "at" sign, the domain name "pcguide", a period, and then the three letters "c", "o" and "m". (Sorry for the inconvenience; this is to defeat spammers; I get thousands of spam messages a day.)

Please be patient in waiting for a response as I am only one person and I wear a lot of different hats. Thanks.

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