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What You Will Not Find Here

The following are things you are not likely to find, or to find very much of, on this site. I include this list here to aid those who are looking for something specific that I have decided not to cover on The PC Guide:

  • Downloadable Software: There are hundreds of sites that specialize in this sort of thing; try www.download.com.
  • Information On Specific Software Applications: This is primarily a hardware site, though I do mention software in the appropriate places.
  • Recommendations, Reviews or Evaluations of Particular Brands of Hardware: I will make some comments on particularly good or bad hardware or software but this isn't a review site. I'd suggest looking at some of these links; there are several very good hardware review sites on the web now.
  • Pricing Information, Other Than General Guidelines: I don't have time to keep this up to date and out-of-date pricing information is worse than none at all.
  • Detailed Information on Legacy PCs: I probably have more info on 386 and earlier PCs than most other hardware sites on the net, but I too realize that it makes more sense to concentrate on 486 PCs and later, since that is what most people are using. The primary focus is on fifth and sixth generation machines.
  • Very Deep Technical Details: I have tried to keep this site practical and focused on the PC user, not the PC designer. Therefore, you won't find details on electrical circuit timing or x86 assembler op codes here. Some areas delve deeper than others, but for the mostpart this site is geared toward the novice through advanced users, not the systems engineers and programmers.
  • Instructions on Overclocking: Call it blasphemy, but I do not believe in overclocking. I have a section in my Optimization Guide where I present "Overclocking--The Dissenting Opinion", which describes my less-than-popular thoughts on the subject. If you think I'm nuts and know you want to overclock, try this page on Scott Wainer's site. The PC Guide was one of the first mainstream web sites to speak out against overclocking; most of the feedback I have received on this has been supportive.
  • Information on Notebooks: Notebook PCs are kind of a special breed and for the most part, they break all the rules. This site is aimed more towards the do-it-yourselfer anyway, and notebooks aren't conducive to that. I do include a reasonably detailed discussion of specifying notebook PCs in this section of The PC Buyer's Guide.

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