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General Warnings

Please employ common sense in using the material on this site. There are millions of different PCs out there and no two are exactly alike, so obviously you may run into recommendations or ideas that don't apply to your situation. If this happens, use your own good judgment, and then modify them to suit using your own particulars. If anything I say in here conflicts with the specific directions in your system or component manuals, use the directions in the manual unless you know them to be inaccurate. I cannot possibly foresee every situation.

Don't go inside the box or do other work on your PC if you don't feel comfortable with what you are doing. This site is meant to help you feel more at ease with many common PC operations by increasing your understanding, but there is no shame in deciding that a given procedure is more than you feel like tackling. There are many PC-related maintenance and repair activities I won't even consider doing.

Is your PC under warranty? You should realize that some companies will void your warranty if you open the PC during the warranty period. If you go to open the box and see any plastic seals stating "warranty void if broken", then that is a good hint that this applies to you :^) but it may even if you don't see any. If you are having trouble with your PC, check your warranty if you suspect your machine may still be covered. If it is, you may be better off performing a return or using your warranty.

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