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Tips Of The Day For May 1998

Tip Of The Day For May 27, 1998: Expandability is important when building a new PC. You'd be amazed how quickly those drive bays and expansion slots will get filled over time, especially if you like toys the way I do. :) Make sure your system case is a good size, and ensure that the motherboard has a reasonable number of expansion slots. Some newer motherboards have only two ISA slots, which is fine if you are commited to only using newer hardware, but does limit your ability to use the wide variety of available cheap ISA expansion cards.

Tip Of The Day For May 21, 1998: If you find an application "hangs up" when using Windows 95, you can sometimes break out of it without having to reboot. If you hit {Ctrl}+{Alt}+{Del}, the "Close Program" dialog box appears, and will let you end specific tasks. Windows NT of course has a much more sophisticated Task Manager that you can access, and does not lock up nearly as often as Windows 95.

Tip Of The Day For May 18, 1998: Do you know what all of your BIOS parameters are set to? Probably not--it's not something easy to remember. This is why it is a good idea to have a backup of your BIOS settings. Battery failure and other problems can potentially cause your BIOS settings to be cleared. See here for information on backing up your BIOS settings.

Tip Of The Day For May 16, 1998: Heat and humidity are not great for your PC. As we enter summertime, many of you may have PCs in rather stressed environments. An air-conditioned environment is best for your machine, if you can swing that. If not, at least do your best to keep it in as cool an area as possible, and far from any windows where the sun may beat down on it. Ensure ventilation is as good as you can make it as well.

Tip Of The Day For May 12, 1998: Moving programs from one hard disk volume to another can be tricky business. Most Windows programs include references to file locations, either in their own configuration programs or in the Registry; if you move them there is a good chance the program will stop working properly. The safest way to relocate a Windows program is to uninstall it from its old location and then reinstall in the new one.

Tip Of The Day For May 6, 1998: On the back of your PC's power supply there is a pass-through connector next to where the power cord connects. In the early days of the PC this was used to provide power to the monitor. Today's monitors all have their own power cords that go directly into your power protection device. If you want to though, you can get an inexpensive power cord adapter that will let you run your CRT off the PC power supply's pass-through connector. Advantages? The CRT turns off automatically when the PC is turned off, and one less wire dangling at your feet behind your desk.

Tip Of The Day For May 4, 1998: Power supply problems can be insidious. I have seen a bad power supply end up having been responsible for some very surprising PC system problems. Even some problems that appear to be software-related can in fact be due to trouble with the power supply. One form of cheap insurance against these concerns is to employ a power protection device. If you suspect a power supply problem, check out this area of the Troubleshooting Expert for help.

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