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Tips Of The Day For August 1998

Tip Of The Day For August 24, 1998: Normally, to connect machines on a 10baseT (twisted pair) network, you need a network interface card (NIC) for each machine, and a hub to which you connect each one. However, to set up a simple two-PC network, you don't need the hub. All you have to do is connect the PCs with a special cross-connect twisted-pair cable, available at most computer stores.

Tip Of The Day For August 20, 1998: If you are having problems with buffer under-runs while copying a CD-ROM to a CD-R drive, here's one possibility to consider: the source disk may be scratched or dirty (and that's not what you'd think to check). If the source drive has problems reading the disk then it will retry the read, and if it isn't able to get the information off the disk fast enough, you'll create a coaster with the CD-R.

Tip Of The Day For August 13, 1998: If your PC is on a Windows-based local area network, you can set it up to print on any other PC on the network easily. You need to install the drivers for the printer, on the machine from which you want to print. Then tell the system to reference the other printer by "mapping it" over the network to a local printer port alias, such as "LPT3:". You can access these controls under Windows 95/98/NT, by accessing "Settings" and then "Printers" from the Start Menu.

Tip Of The Day For August 6, 1998: Old habits die hard... as just one example, there are lots of new mice on the market that incorporate neat features like additional programmable buttons and scroll wheels. Before you shell out 50 bucks for one, however, I suggest you see if you can find a way to try one out for a couple of weeks first. You may find that despite having these time-saving features, you don't really use them. I realized recently that I rarely use the scroll wheel on my nice new mouse, simply because I am too used to reaching for the Windows scroll bars! Hopefully in time...

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