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Tips Of The Day For October 1998

Tip Of The Day For October 26, 1998: There are many differences between laser printers and inkjet printers; one that most people don't think of however is power consumption. Laser printers use a lot of electricity; inkjet printers use very little. This isn't important to most people, but it is for some, and is something you might want to think about.

Tip Of The Day For October 12, 1998: Most laptop PCs today use pointing devices such as trackballs and touchpads, that can be very good, but usually are less effective for those who are used to the plain ol' mouse. If this is the case for you, check in the back of your machine for a PS/2 mouse port; if one is there you can attach a regular PS/2 mouse. You may need to change a BIOS setting to make this work. If you don't have a PS/2 port, you may still be able to use a serial mouse on your serial port; again, you'll probably have to disable the built-in pointer.

Tip Of The Day For October 7, 1998: When you buy a new PC, be sure to check the installed drivers to ensure that they are correct for your hardware. Some PC companies cut corners by using generic drivers instead of the ones specific to your hardware. This saves them time, but costs you performance.

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