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Tips Of The Day For November 1998

Tip Of The Day For November 10, 1998: Do you have more than one PC that you work with regularly? I do, and that normally means having to deal with two keyboards, two mice, and two monitors. However, many computer stores sell switchboxes that will let you share your I/O devices between two or more machines. This can save you both money and space. Note though that some systems don't like having the keyboard or mouse "switched away". (In particular, it is best to boot each machine with the keyboard switched to it.)

Tip Of The Day For November 24, 1998: When shopping for a color inkjet printer, try if possible to find one that uses a separate black ink for black text and graphics. Some cheaper models use only colored inks, and mix them to create "black" when needed. This is less desirable than a black ink for two reasons. First, the colors combine to form a dull gray, not a true black at all. Second, you use up a lot of expensive colored ink.

Tip Of The Day For November 27, 1998: Shipping vs. tax: this is one of the tradeoffs between buying something at a local PC store, versus buying it mail order. Most states charge sales tax on local purchases, but usually if you order from another state, there is no tax. Conversely, you usually pay shipping when buying by mail order. While there are many other factors to consider in making this decision, the "shipping vs. tax" issue generally means that large, inexpensive items are best bought locally in many cases.

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