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Tips Of The Day For December 1998

Tip Of The Day For December 23, 1998: Some companies make power bars that have some of the plugs "switched" and the others not switched. This enables you to use the power bar's switch to turn off certain devices when not in use, while leaving others plugged in on a permanent basis. This can be a very handy way to leave your computer running while ensuring that your monitor, printer, scanner or other devices are off when not in use (for those of you who like to leave the PC on when idle.)

Tip Of The Day For December 17, 1998: Many people don't realize that the calculator program built-in to Windows is a small wonder. Usually found under "Accessories" on the Start Menu, it looks like a regular calculator unless you know the trick: from the "View" menu, select "Scientific". You now get the ability to perform scientific calculations, do conversions from binary and hex to decimal and back, and perform limited statistical work  Not bad for, well, for free...

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