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Tips Of The Day For April 1999

Tip Of The Day For April 26, 1999: Unless you are setting up a major-league server or power workstation, you generally don't need to worry too much about the power rating of your power supply. While having a 250W or 300W power supply gives you extra "slack" should you need it in the future, the average PC today just doesn't need that much juice to operate. A 200W supply is generally more than enough, and for many stock PCs, 150W or even less will do the job. More is better, but don't spend a lot extra on power you don't need.

Tip Of The Day For April 21, 1999: Some PCs have a real-time clock that isn't very accurate, and this causes the system time to slowly drift away from what it should be. There are a number of products that you can use to compensate for a clock that runs too slow or too fast. In addition, there are several good programs that will automatically synchronize your system clock to the atomic time servers provided by the U.S. government. These can be downloaded from any of the popular shareware/freeware download sites.

Tip Of The Day For April 9, 1999: Most of the time when you need to reboot Windows, you don't need to reboot the entire PC from scratch. Here's a time saving top: when rebooting Windows, hold the {Shift} key down as you select "Restart" from the Shut Down menu. This will cause just the Windows GUI to reboot instead of the PC hardware itself, cutting reboot time in half.

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