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Tips Of The Day For June 1999

Tip Of The Day For June 28, 1999: When upgrading to a new video card, you will need to change the drivers within Windows. One tip to save hassle and time when doing this: before shutting the machine down to make the switch, change the video driver to the generic Windows VGA driver. This will prevent conflicts when you install the new card, which likely won't be too happy with the old drivers you had in place for the original device.

Tip Of The Day For June 17, 1999: A magnetic screwdriver can be immensely useful to anyone who regularly works with PCs. The tip of the screwdriver is slightly magnetized, allowing it to easily pick up screws and other small ferrous objects. This can be a life-saver, especially when trying to fasten drives within the tight confines of small system cases. (The amount of magnetism in the tip of the screwdriver is too small to pose a risk to magnetic media under normal circumstances.)

Tip Of The Day For June 7, 1999: The faster the rotational velocity of your hard disk, the faster the hard disk, all else being equal. When shopping for a hard drive, if you can afford to buy a 7200 RPM model instead of a 5400 RPM model, do so. Avoid older 3600 RPM drives if you still find them around. If you are setting up a server or high-end SCSI workstation, 10,000+ RPM drives are available. See here for more details.

Tip Of The Day For June 4, 1999: If your system seems to "slow down" after you have opened a number of applications, and you often find yourself waiting for the PC while the hard disk light flashes furiously, this is a sign that your system is thrashing. The temporary solution to this problem is to shut down some applications to free up more memory. A more permanent solution is to add more system memory to your PC.

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