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Tips Of The Day For October 1999

Tip Of The Day For October 20, 1999: Most new PCs come with the operating system, usually Windows 98, pre-installed. This is of course a great convenience in many ways. The problem is that some manufacturers, to save a couple of bucks, don't include the original Windows CD-ROM with the system, which can cause problems if you ever have a hard disk crash or similar problem. Even worse, many new systems have special or custom software pre-installed as well, and no CD-ROM for this either. Bear in mind the importance of a physical disk when shopping for a new computer.

Tip Of The Day For October 12, 1999: On slower systems, to speed up video performance when you are running routine applications that don't require high color depth, reduce the color setting to 256 colors. See here for more.

Tip Of The Day For October 5, 1999: Never cut corners when it comes to electrical safety. I have on occasion seen people who need to run an extension cord to their PC, use a two-pronged cord and leave the ground pin of their system's power cord exposed. This is a dangerous practice. It is better to avoid extension cords altogether, but if you must use one with your system, always use a grounded one. (A multi-outlet surge suppressor is a better idea here.)

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