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Tips Of The Day For July 2000

Tip Of The Day For July 30, 2000: Here's a very useful utility built into Windows 95 and Windows 98. If you run "winipcfg" from a DOS box or the "Run..." box on the Start Menu, Windows will show you the IP address currently assigned to any network or dial-up adapters running on your system. This can be useful for troubleshooting networking or Internet problems...

Tip Of The Day For July 27, 2000: Suppose that you are in a DOS prompt box under Windows 9x. You navigate to a directory and find a file you wish to open. Here's a useful tip: type "start filename" (don't forget the file extension) and Windows will automatically launch the appropriate application for that file extension and load the file you named.

Tip Of The Day For July 23, 2000: Some external peripherals, especially monitors, have their own fuses, accessible from the rear of the unit. If you have an item that worked well for a long time and then one die suddenly died, check for a dead fuse and replace it if necessary. (If the fuse dies a second time, there is probably something wrong either with the device or the power you are supplying to it.)

Tip Of The Day For July 18, 2000: Purchasing upgrade versions of software packages you use is a good way to get new functionality at a reduced price. If you do this, however, be sure to keep in an accessible place the CD-ROM of the original, older version of the software. You may need it in the event that you ever have to reinstall the newer, upgrade version in the future.

Tip Of The Day For July 12, 2000: Have you updated your virus definition files recently? These are the files that describe the patterns of viruses that your antivirus software checks for on your PC. If they get too out of date, your virus protection slips. They are free to download for a period of time after you buy any good antivirus product. Use the antivirus software's online update utility, or check the manufacturer's web site.

Tip Of The Day For July 7, 2000: Keyboards, mice and other input devices are very "personal" items. While there are "good" and "bad' units like there are for everything else, to some extent it is a matter of personal taste. Some people like certain designs more than others. If you spend a lot of time on your PC, be sure to assess these devices in person before purchasing.

Tip Of The Day For July 1, 2000: Before purchasing an OEM hard disk drive--which means any drive not in official retail packaging--be sure to find out exactly what the drive's warranty status is. Some hard drive manufacturers will provide no warranty support on OEM drives that are resold to the public. See here for more on this.

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