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Tips Of The Day For October 2000

Tip Of The Day For October 30, 2000: Most people buying a new PC pay a lot of attention to the performance numbers associated with the key components of the system. However, most don't consider some of the key non-performance issues, such as quality, expandability, upgradeability and ergonomics. Read more about these important issues here.

Tip Of The Day For October 24, 2000: If your PC's system clock is "falling behind the times", this may be a sign that your motherboard's CMOS backup battery is running out of juice. On many motherboards the battery can be replaced; consult your system manual. On some it cannot; avoid purchasing motherboards or systems with integrated CMOS batteries to avoid such problems.

Tip Of The Day For October 18, 2000: If you are setting up a home Ethernet network with only two PCs, you do not need to purchase a hub to connect the machines. You can use a special "crossover" cable to directly connect the two systems. A good vendor can set you up with the right hardware; networking equipment is very cheap today and a home network can be set up for under $100.

Tip Of The Day For October 14, 2000: Windows Explorer doesn't offer any easy way of producing a hard-copy printout of the contents of a folder, but you can do it using good old DOS. From within Windows, open a DOS prompt box. "CD" to the appropriate directory (folder) and type this command: "dir /b >filename.txt". Then open "filename.txt" with any word processor or editor (such as Notepad) and print away!

Tip Of The Day For October 10, 2000: If you connect to the Internet using a dial-up modem and find that everything is very slow, try disconnecting and reconnecting. Sometimes you may just get a "bad connection" and this could fix it. (Of course, if this "slowdown" happens constantly, you may have a problem with your phone line or your Internet service provider.)

Tip Of The Day For October 4, 2000: To quickly see the partition status of your hard disks, just type the following command from any DOS prompt: "fdisk /status". This will not load the (potentially dangerous) FDISK program, but will just display your partitions, their sizes and drive letters on the screen. Very useful for troubleshooting some types of problems.

Tip Of The Day For October 1, 2000: There are many times that Windows users are told that they should "edit the registry" to change this setting or that. In some cases this will fix problems or enable features that you need, but mistakes in the registry can lead to strange problems of their own. Be sure to back up the registry (and preferably your entire system) before you tinker with the registry files.

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