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Tips Of The Day For November 2000

Tip Of The Day For November 27, 2000: The lowly keyboard; one of the more ignored of PC peripherals. Have you ever wondered how the keyboard works internally, or how you could make use of different languages or keyboard layouts? Check out the new Reference Guide section on keyboards.

Tip Of The Day For November 25, 2000: Many people have problems with losing passwords. The reason for this is clear: there are so many different places where we are asked for passwords these days! Between hardware, software and web sites, it can be hard to keep track of them all. One tip I have employed in the past: use only a limited number of passwords, and rotate through them over time. If you use different passwords for different sites or programs, and  worry about forgetting them all, create a file that lists all the passwords and where they are used, and then store that file protected by a password you feel confident that you will remember. It's a good idea to store the file in a less-than-obvious place as well.

Tip Of The Day For November 21, 2000: I recently had a hard disk fail on my main machine; luckily, I was able to replace it before it became unusable, but even if I had not, I would have been in good shape because I have backups. The same day my drive failed, I read about a guy who lost 1.2 GB of data because his drive failed and he did not have a backup. His comment: "I never thought it would happen to me". Got backups?

Tip Of The Day For November 15, 2000: When adding a second hard disk to an existing system, be careful of shifting drive letters. If the existing drive has more than one partition, the second drive should be partitioned without a primary partition, to prevent the new drive from taking the "D:" drive assignment. See this page for more details.

Tip Of The Day For November 9, 2000: Always read the fine print.

Tip Of The Day For November 3, 2000: If you regularly store important data on floppy disks, stop. :^) Problems with data being lost on floppies over time are quite common. If you are going to use them though, it's wise to always store two copies on two separate disks, just in case. I do this when I need to use floppies to transport files between machines.

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