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Tips Of The Day For May 2001

Tip Of The Day For May 31, 2001: If you download a software package or set of files from the Internet, and you end up using the material regularly, be sure to keep around the install package that you initially downloaded. This will save you considerable time if you ever need to reinstall your operating system. If you are short on hard disk space, another good option is to write these items to a CD-R or CD-RW disc so they are around if you require them in the future.

Tip Of The Day For May 14, 2001: There are a lot of people around that have "extra" older PCs that they consider too obsolete to upgrade, and not worth the bother to sell. If you have one of these little "doorstops", consider donating it. Many schools will be happy to take any functional hardware off your hands, and so will some charities. Also, some low-income individuals in your community may want a PC to get on the Internet, and you can do that successfully with even a very old PC.

Tip Of The Day For May 3, 2001: With warm weather now firmly upon us here in the US, this seems like a good time to remind you about the perils of overheating computers, peripherals and media. Well, it's a pretty simple reminder: don't let your stuff get too hot. :^) Particularly concerning are the insides of automobiles in the sunshine; the interior of a car in the summer can get up to over 120 degrees F, even if it is "only" 85F outside. Avoid leaving equipment in the car for extended periods of time; if you must, make sure it is kept out of direct sun. Watch for media such as disks or tapes, which are particularly susceptible to damage due to the sun.

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