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Note: I wrote .....technobabble for about three months, but ended up discontinuing it because interest in it never caught on. I have kept the dozen or so columns that I created here for those who want to see them. I may consider having this feature return in the future.....

.....alright, so what's this all about anyway? Well, I've written thousands of pages of information for this here site, and most of them are rather technical, and somewhat dry. I take seriously my pledge to provide detailed, accurate information that you, my readers can trust. And I try hard to make it readable by keeping the language light, and the tone humorous. But how much fun can you interject into a discussion of hard disk interfaces or interrupt request lines? And really, how much fun do you want when reading such topics? You want the straight scoop and not a lot of fooling around, and I don't blame you. Still, there is a part of me that wants to explore the lighter side of technology, and life in general. I like to babble, and I figured, what better topic to babble about than technology? Thus.....

.....technobabble. In this weekly column I "let my hair down", so to speak, and talk about items that I think you might find interesting, or that I feel like babbling about. These will be primarily PC and technology related topics, though I can't guarantee that I won't throw in other items as well. Expect to see me talking about news items from the world of technology, ranting a bit about things that bother me, or throwing in a joke or two that I think you might enjoy. Expect the unexpected, as they say, but I hope you'll enjoy it.....

.....of course, feedback is always welcome! If you have comments, criticisms or other feedback  related to my technobabble, please click here to send it to me. (If you have more general feedback about the site, please see here instead.)

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