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Taking Your System In for Technical Support

I can speak with personal experience when I tell you that there is no greater "luxury" for a technician trying to resolve a problem than being able to have the system in front of you as you try to troubleshoot it. I frequently find that I can resolve in a matter of minutes a problem that would take hours to figure out over the phone. It's just so much easier to be able to see what's really going on with the machine when it is right there; it's hard to even explain why this is, but it's definitely true.

If you have a PC that is under warranty and a difficult problem that you cannot resolve (or a suspected hardware failure), and you've purchased your system from a local vendor, consider taking it in to be serviced. You'll want to call first (you can't generally just show up on their doorstep and expect them to be too pleased if they aren't expecting you, depending on the vendor) but nothing beats taking the PC, plunking it (gently :^) ) down on the desk and saying "I am having this problem, can you please take a look at the system".

This is one of the advantages of buying a PC from a local dealer. See this section on repair for more information on the particulars of using your warranty.

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