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The PC runs but the power LED is not lit

Explanation: The system has power and is able to start up, but the power LED is not lit up.

Diagnosis: If this is a system that was just put together, then the LED was probably connected incorrectly. On an existing system, the cable connecting the LED to the motherboard was probably jarred loose. The LED could also be burned out, although this rarely happens, even after years and years.


  • Double-check the LED connection to the motherboard. Make sure the connection is solid.
  • Try reversing the leads on the LED connection and see if that fixes the problem.
  • If there is another LED that is working, such as the hard disk activity LED, try temporarily swapping that LED connection with the power LED wires. If when you do this the hard disk LED (now connected to the power signal) comes on but the power LED doesn't activate when the hard disk is active, then the power LED is burned out. If the power LED does work when the hard disk goes but the hard disk LED is dark, then the problem is with the motherboard.

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