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The turbo LED is not lit

Explanation: The turbo LED on the case is not lit when the PC boots up.

Diagnosis: On an older system, this probably means that the turbo button is not pushed in (especially if the system is running noticeably slower). If the button is pushed in, then the wire to the LED has come loose, or the LED is burned out (which rarely happens). On a newer system, the turbo button usually has no effect on the motherboard's operation, and the LED may simply be disconnected on purpose.


  • Try pressing the turbo button and see if the light comes on.
  • If this is a newer system, basically any Pentium-class or later motherboard, ignore the turbo LED. If it bothers you not having it lit, then you may want to open the case and connect it to the turbo LED connector on the motherboard, if yours has one. Many newer motherboards provide a place to plug in the turbo LED, even though the turbo switch doesn't do anything--probably to avoid people wondering why their turbo LED isn't lit. :^)
  • Double-check the LED connection to the motherboard. Make sure the connection is solid.
  • Try reversing the leads on the LED connection and see if that fixes the problem.
  • If there is another LED that is working, such as the power LED, try temporarily swapping that LED connection with the turbo LED wires. If when you do this the power LED (now connected to the turbo signal) comes on but the turbo LED doesn't light when the power comes on, then the turbo LED is burned out. If the turbo LED does work when the power comes on but the power LED is dark, then the problem is with the motherboard, which is not asserting the correct signal.
  • On an older system, troubleshoot the turbo button and make sure it is working.

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